Hi, I am Aspen Pavelich.

Welcome! I am a Luxury Boudoir Photographer based out of Dickinson, North Dakota. I have been doing photography for years. I provide a luxury Boudoir experience. I enjoy the confidence I am able to give when doing a shoot. I am firm believer that Boudoir is for everyone and it has no age limit or size. Everyone should feel confident and know how beautiful they are. I am excited that you are here to support my small business and help me give confidence to anyone that comes into my studio. I truly believe that each one of us is capable of achieving greatness and deserves all the wonderful things that life has to offer.

I have always had a passion for photography and being able to capture special moments in life that make you feel good. I had a great opportunity to learn and grow as a boudoir photographer. I have taken photos of hundreds of women and men in my career. I absolutely love how these incredible people see themselves after we are done and the boost of confidence they get its amazing.

Some Fun facts about me is I have not always done photography, I was in Law Enforcement for a long time and loved it. I grew up in a small mountain down in CO. I have great and supportive family.

Being able to do boudoir and offer it has changed how I personally see my self and my body. I have learned that everyone’s body is different and beautiful. I love being able to help people see what I see when I do a session my self. Like “DAYYYMMMMNNN thats a good butt! “

So, I want to ask you, when will you book your own photoshoot to celebrate YOU? Don't wait any longer, embrace your unique beauty.

Studio Sets

My studio has of Multiple sets and props to used during your session. I have unique furniture and features that complement your session.